Sunday, September 16, 2012

Author Interview Featuring Ruth Zavitsanos

Q)  When did you start writing?  What keeps you going?

A)  I started writing at the age of 12.  As a babysitter, often the late nights in those days left me with little to do. One can only watch the “yule log” for so long! I read the mother’s books that were all the rage back then, The Thorn Birds and Roots, when not writing in my journal. Definitely, the feedback to my books keeps me going. I’m so pleased that my stories have been enjoyed by so many.

Q)  What was your most encouraging moment as an author? 

A)  When I received my first five star review for FLIGHT OF LITTLE DOVE. This novel took me ten years to write and get published so I was thrilled to receive wonderful reviews. Also, when THE VILLA DOG was chosen as a Third Grade book club read at an area elementary school. I loved when the kids’ faces lit up during our discussion.

Q)  What was your most discouraging moment as an author? 

A)  When a publisher rejected my manuscript because “There is a plethora of dog books out there.” Certainly, the truth behind that remark is that THEY SELL! People really like the idea that my children’s books are told through the dog’s point of view.

Q)  What’s your antidote to writer’s block? 

A)  Taking my canine kids for a walk or a good soak in my Hot Tub to get my creative juices flowing.

Q)  Describe the typical writing day.

A)  I bring my cup of coffee into my office and first read my emails and facebook activity. Then, after I handle any business calls and replies to social/work media, I begin writing. I’ll take a break several hours into writing by stretching or walking. When I return I write for another hour or two more. I spend my afternoon doing things that must be done i.e. laundry, paying bills, etc. but my characters are always by my side.

Q)  From where do you draw your inspiration? 

A)  So much inspires me that it’s hard to actually pinpoint any one thing, although travel has always been my best source of gathering story ideas, along with people watching.

Q)  Tell us about your latest book.

A)  The sequel to FLIGHT OF LITTLE DOVE is coming out in October. The SISTERS INN is set outside of Denver in 1873 where two women (sisters through marriage of their siblings) run an inn. Abby and Eliza are strong, independent, brave women who are committed to making the inn a successful endeavor. Of course, they do experience hardship, setbacks and anguish along the way. Both characters grow and in the end find their true happiness.

As for my WIP, it’s a story that takes place both in present day and the late 1970s that revolves around the aspects of reincarnation.

Q)  What author have you been most influenced by?

A)  Another difficult question because I read across the genres and there are so many new authors coming out. I think anyone who can hold my interest with a good story that does not have a predictable but rather a satisfying ending, is an author I most admire.

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Ruth G. Zavitsanos began writing at the age of 12. Growing up outside of New York City, she attended many Broadway plays and musicals that served to stimulate her imagination. While attaining her Journalism degree at Marshall University she received numerous writing awards. She has been published in Writer’s Digest magazine and had an in-depth article in a Delaware Beach Life magazine. Ruth is a member of PennWriters, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators,  Valley Forge Romance Writers Group and Romance Writers of America. Her first novel, Flight of Little Dove, a historical romance, has been receiving five star reviews and is a book club selection for several independent bookstores. The sequel, Sisters Inn, will be released in October. Ruth’s children’s books, The Villa Dog (an Epic Award and a Main Line Today staff pick) , The Old Fortress Dog and The Kona Dog (all third grade book club reads), have been embraced by children, parents and the educational community.

Ruth enjoys Pilates, zumba, cooking, reading, music, photography, snorkeling, bicycle riding, walks with her canine kids, and travel. Sharing her joy of writing with young students and encouraging them to put their imaginative stories on paper gives Ruth great satisfaction. She and her family reside outside of Philadelphia, PA in Chester County.

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