Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Review: Rebecca and the Changeling

Goblins, Fairies, and Changelings – Oh My!  Eager young readers will eat up Rebecca and the Changeling by Margaret Pearce.  An adventure story in which Dewdrop, the seventh daughter of the Fairy Queen, decries the edict that “princesses and subjects are prideful of their position in fairyland, and act accordingly.”  This jaded rebel princess disagrees – and acts accordingly as she rescues a thieved human baby despite the perilous consequences.  With an unforgettable entourage of Golly – the common thieving Goblin and Lord Be Thankful - her faithful guard and attendant, Dewdrop learns to blaze her own trail but not without punishment of the evil queen (who puts Lord Voldermort to shame!) 

Spells, potions, and magic galore – Pearce pleases in the first installment of The Wingless Fairy Series.  I question whether Rebecca and the Changeling is appropriately leveled for emergent readers.  The vocabulary and character names might prove a bit confusing save the most determined fantasy fanatics, but early to middle readers will sing its spells!  Well-written with delightful humor sprinkled throughout like glistening fairy dust, Rebecca and the Changeling enchants. 

Reviewed by Kimberly Dana for Readers Favorites


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