Monday, March 14, 2016

Introducing the Teach & Reach Bundle

As an educator for over twenty years, it occurred to me one day while reflecting on my pedagogy (because this is what we teachers do in our free time!) that while I’m teaching, I’m not always reaching.  Or perhaps the opposite - I might be reviewing a skill or concept that I just assume my students understand - without ever actually having taught it.

Cogitating on my own instructional disconnect helped me to create the Teach & Reach Bundle.  Teach & Reach Bundles are an all-inclusive easy way to teach skills and concepts while reaching 100% student engagement and proficiency in no time.

Here’s how it works:
1) You TEACH the content with an easy-to-understand, kid-friendly, comprehensive instructional PowerPoint.
2) Students REACH proficiency as they review and practice the content with engaging, hands-on Task Cards that allow you to quickly assess for comprehension.

Teach & Reach Bundles are all-inclusive Common Core aligned lessons that are guaranteed to work.  Why?  As educators, we teach but not always reach.  Or, we may have students review the skill without ever actually teaching the concept.  But let’s face it…Who has the time to create daily PowerPoints and eye-catching task cards?  YOU do - with the all-inclusive Teach & Reach Bundle!

10 Benefits of the Teach & Reach Bundle:

Bundles are instructional time-friendly!  They can be done in one lesson.
Bundles are perfect for standout evaluations.  You’ll shine as your evaluator commends your use of materials, creativity, and content.
Bundles are minimal prep work – it’s all there!
Bundles are green – they require no copying.
Bundles are time savers that last for years!
Bundles work!  Research shows task cards are a hands-on, high yield strategy.
Bundles are super sub friendly…Keep them learning even when you’re not there!
Bundles have built in standardized test prep so no need to stress come spring!  You’re prepping for high stakes testing all year round.
Bundles make collaboration easy.  Share the wealth of your knowledge and resources with your colleagues the easy way.
Bundles are Easy for you – Engaging for them!!

Teach & Reach Bundles are featured on TeachersPayTeachers.  Add Teach & Reach Bundles to your teaching library today!

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