Friday, December 6, 2013

Passion for Fashion

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School

Well, it's that time of year, when your parents, grandparents, and bizarro aunts and uncles will be asking what's on your wish list.  In other words, it's the perfect time to pursue your passion for fashion - right?

I’m as shy as they come, but when it comes to my day-to-day threads, I’m a bold, fearless fashionista. I guess you could classify my look as boho chic laced with a few punked-out accessories. I know, I know—it totally goes against the bespectacled nerd-girl concept, but that’s the brilliant thing about fashion—it expresses the wild child within and makes my gear buzzworthy! (I actually attribute my edgy trend tastes back to my Catholic school days when the required oxford blouse, plaid skirt, and rosary beads forced me to think outside the box.)

Now, the thing about fashion is you really don’t have to break the bank to be swank. Except for the occasional babysitting or tutoring job, I don’t have a big cash stash myself but still manage to throw together clever little ensembles. Sure, I shop at Abercrombie and Gap like the rest of the masses, but I also find a lot of spunky stuff (belts, purses, military jackets, etc.) at the Goodwill and other thrift stores. So yeah— it’s okay to get a little daring—especially when it comes to the trimmings. And yes, you’ll get an occasional eye roll or a mumbled snarl from the SMGs (Supermean Girls), but they’re probably just jealous because you’re rockin’ it and they’re not. After all, no one respects an Aberzombie clone who’s just following the trendies!

How to Rock It Hip Tips:
♥ Accessories rule
♥ Wear a pair of Chucks with a scarf
♥ Layers, layers, layers
♥ Try a low-slung, chunky belt
♥ Enhance any outfit with vintage jewelry and/or dangly chandelier earrings—love that stuffy Victorian bling!
♥ Mix and match colors and patterns—but sparingly
♥ Rock a mini with leggings and flats

Fashion Don’ts
I don’t believe in the fashion police, but there are a few no-no’s everyone should adhere to for the sake of mankind and world peace. In my honest and humble opinion, the following are universal fashion flubs (i.e., not a good look for anyone):

♥ Acid-washed jeans
♥ Ruffles
♥ Heels you can’t walk in
♥ Black lipstick
♥ Yellow
♥ Too-low lowriders
♥ Fishnet
♥ Shoulder pads
♥ Thong peek-a-boos
♥ Hairy legs with skirts or shorts

1) Stay clear of sheer
2) If it doesn’t fit, it’s gonna split
3) Too bright ain’t right
4) If you wear it, rock it!

As a bonus, I'm including my Back-to-School Shopping List:

1. Black leggings
2. Platforms in any color
3. Flared denim jeans
4. Black skinny jeans
5. Faux-leather tote
6. Mary Janes
7. Denim vest
8. Burgundy glam-punk blazer
9. Neon pink Chuck Taylors
10.  Strategically ripped vintage concert tees
11.  Gypsy broom skirt
12.  Chandelier and hoop earrings
13.  Lace-up combat boots
14.  Gold and silver bangles
15.  Purple knit beret
16.  Black trapeze dress
17.  Flannel tunic
18.  Granny cardigan

(The trick is to strike a balance between the trends and classics, sprinkled with your own personal touches.)

Scary Sitch: Know your fashion limits and the school dress code policy. Once, during my Catholic school days, I tied my white oxford into a navel-knot halter à la Britney Spears, got five demerits, three Hail Marys, and a lecture from Sister Eugenie on the virtues of modesty. Yikes!


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