Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Zone Interview with Author KC Frantzen

Today we have author KC Frantzen with us.  Great to have you here, KC!  

Q)  When did you start writing.  What keeps you going? 

A)  I've been writing since elementary school, but not seriously until about 30 dog years ago! Writing a story about our PAWmazing dog, May, just would not leave me alone. I'd wake up at night, imagining all sorts of scenes and situations. Finally decided to sit at the computer, and start pounding the keys. Offering hope and positive concepts to combat the darkness rampant these days keeps me at it. Writing is one of the more difficult things I've done, but so rewarding.

Q)  What was your most encouraging moment as an author?

A)  Being an optimist, I'm not sure if the most encouraging has happened yet, though hearing from May's fans is right up there! When an adult says the book altered his viewpoint on how animals think, and another says the story changed her perspective on her own abuse as a child, when the Mom of an 8 year old says her son did not like to read but now, is foregoing video games to grab a book, when a 12 year old young lady is excited about May's next book… These are most encouraging!

Q)  What was your most discouraging moment as an author?

A)  Time management continues to be an issue. I get into the zone and want to do nothing else, but that isn't always practical with family, church and civic responsibilities. It's discouraging to have the story bubbling up, waiting for a place on the page, and not having (or making) the time. Scheduling writing time weekly, if not daily, is I think the answer to this. I struggle to find balance.

Q)  What’s your antidote to writer’s block?

A)   Putting words on paper or computer screen. If I have difficulty with one aspect of a scene, I skip ahead and write something else. Things tend to work out. For example, in May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy, I was writing diligently, and about halfway through, before it dawned on me that May is a spy. Who knew? Things fell into place after that.  I'm a recovering pantster. Working from a plot outline has made a HUGE difference. Thank you Randy Ingermanson! 

Q)  Describe the typical writing day:

A)  I'm a night person! When in the zone, sometimes I work until 1 or 2 AM. I start the optimal day around 9AM, check email and several news and writing sites, answer/make phone calls until about noon or 1PM. I fix lunch and then start to work about 2PM. Setting a timer for 45 minutes has been a big help. I work without interruption, take a break, repeat several times.  Creating is much more difficult for me than editing, so this is strictly creation time. When editing (which I love) I find a timer is unnecessary. But honestly, each day is quite different.

Q)  From where do you draw your inspiration?

A)  So many things in life are inspiring – the trick is to keep ideas in an accessible format. Weaving current/historical perspectives and principles into the story is also important.  Ultimately, it's our May with the PAWmazing, creative story to share. She is most inspirational as she dictates to me, curled in my lap. (She has no thumbs, so it's difficult for her to type it. Ha!)

Q)  Tell us about your latest book:

A)  May on the Way ends with a bonus chapter so May 2 continues her story. She's still fighting the bad guys. This time, she teams up with a feral cat who lives in a cemetery - in Paris!

Thanks for visiting.  Please enjoy and comment. 



  1. Thank you Kimberly for this opportunity! ("") ("") That's 2 paws up!

    May and I will check throughout the next several days to answer questions or respond to comments.

    May's ready to play - let's GO!

  2. Great interview KC. Love your insights on the writing process. Can't wait to read book II. Go May!!!

    1. You're entered into our drawing on Facebook! Thanks! Hope you win!!!

  3. Hey Rita!

    Thanks much. You have may tips to offer. Hope you'll share the latest!

  4. Thanks KC (and May) for your wonderful interview. Cheers!!

  5. Love the Interview! Mommy and I hope to be writers too someday! ^_^
    (@zoey elizabeth ringuette)

    1. Zoey, you're already a fabulous artist. Mom and I still have the PAWSOME painting you made me with your very own paws.

      Tell your Mom that she will have to type for you though, unless somebody makes a better keyboard for us dogs. BOL!

  6. We love May at my house. The first time I heard the premise of May I was hooked.

    Now a feral it. My Charlie was a feral cat.

    Can't wait for the sequel. When does this release?

    1. Hey Tina!
      Thanks for stopping by today.

      Whoop - there went May, doing a backflip. She ADORES it when fans check in!

      Oh dear - you said Charlie was... Does this mean he is a wonderfully domesticated feline now, or has he crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

      May 2 will come out some time this fall. Especially since SpeedBo is helping us get busy!
      (If y'all haven't checked out , it's a MUST!)

  7. Domesticated :) Sorry about that.

    1. PAWSOME!

      Did he keep feral ways? We're still working on Lèonce as a character. Do tell!

  8. I loved this book and just looking at the cover you know this wise little paw-son is going to do something. After all she sees things from the bottom up! I can't wait to go to Paris with May and see what is happening from her point of view.

    1. OOOH - thank you so much. She loves you too!!! Please share some of your tips and strategies. You are one prolific author!!! Glad you came by... :)

  9. Great interview KC!
    Someday I would love to write Holly the service dogs story.
    I find Time management is the hardest for me as well, making time to write.
    We love May the K9 spy and her adventures!

    1. Shanna and beautiful Holly!
      PAWSOME to see you here... Thanks for coming by.
      We know, right?
      Time management.
      It really is about making the time, setting an appointment even. (We've done this.)
      We're so glad you enjoyed May's adventures. She has more coming... Stand by!

  10. Great interview - so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your secrets! I <3 May!

    1. Hi Hi Melissa.
      Appreciate you coming by this afternoon.
      Don't know how inspiring but we're glad you found it so.
      We have SOOOO much more to learn, but we're gaining on it!!
      Keep writing!

  11. Since I happen to know both you and May, I found the interview interesting, informative and quite accurate - you keep lots of balls juggled in the air most of the time while still being focused and goal oriented (just like May – wonder where May got those traits?).
    May's splendid transition from the depths of despair to being a primo K9 spy is an inspiration to all readers, young and old. Looking forward to her foreign escapades and uplifting adventures.

    1. Awwwhhhh...
      Thank you!
      That's a first - PRIMO K9 spy... WAHOO!!!
      We like it!
      Keep writing too.
      You have a gift, or 2... or 3... or 2,486... and counting, yourself!
      God's Grace is PAWMAZING!

  12. Fun reading your interview, KC, and congratulations on how far you've come with your goals and dreams since I first met you at that Midsouth fall conference. Best wishes to you!

    1. Wow Evelyn!
      It's great you came by.
      Thanks ever so much.
      I know it - that seems like ages, but not so long really.
      Publishing, right?
      Seems to go so slowly, but it's for a reason.
      What are you writing now? How's it coming? Do share some of your ideas and tips too. We can use lots more - always learning and trying to apply!

  13. Thanks again Kimberly, for being the hostess with the mostest!

    We're shuttin' down for the evening but will check in again tomorrow.

    Have a GRRR8 evening everyPAWdy!

  14. Wow - You certainly get the most popular author award! :-) Thanks again for a great interview, KC! Arf, arf!!

    1. Hi Miss Kimberly,

      Mom and I appreciate the opportunity to be here. Your pretty blog is a GRRR8 way to connect with fans AND new readers too.

      Thank you!!!

      Now, I'm ready to play, are you? Let's GO!

  15. Thanks May for directing us here this is great!!!! Keep up the good work...

    1. Hi Hi Miss Suzie!


      Glad to see you here! Hope you and your FURiends are ready for a wonderful week. It's going to be a good one, don't you think?

      Thanks for stopping by! See you in my pack on Facebook!

  16. Goooood morning everypawdy!
    It's Monday!
    Time for a fresh start for a fresh week.
    Let's GO!

  17. This is from our FURiend Windi,
    (She had difficulty posting so I'm helping.)

    ** ** **
    What a great and enlightening interview. The way you write, it’s like we actually “step” into May’s character and we can hear, see and even feel everything she is experiencing.

    I am honored to say I have actually met May and she even sat on my lap one day. It’s a great testimony to man and beast, no matter what you have been through, what happened to us in the past, we can persevere and press on in life. As my mom used to say, "Make lemonade out of lemons!"

    Looking forward to seeing her next adventure!

    ~ Windi

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  19. Thanks Miss Martha!
    You've placed me in some excellent company:

  20. From May's FURiend Grant!

    I met you and Ms KC at a book signing at the libray in Crossville. I bought a book for me and my brother, got it signed and now I read every single word of it!

    I loved the time I had with you. I loved the book. I took it to school with and told all the kids in my class: You should read it too.

    Grant - Stone Elementary

  21. Hey KC,
    I think by the end of this trilogy you should be a writing/self-publishing consultant. Your insights are always so clear and helpful. Looking forward to the second book!

  22. Hey hey Taillefer.

    Know you are soooo busy. Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes - on the 2nd book. You and us both!!! Ha!

    Oh my - a consultant? Well. We will see.
    Thank you!

    Independent publishing is a different way to go, but it's working well for us. Certainly that we got to pick our own illustrator. Only the best you know! ;D

  23. Excellent article/interview. Congratulations to you and May on your success. If by some chance I win the doggie treats, they will be going out to our K-9 friends serving overseas. Much continued success. JILL A COOLIK (future mother in law to GABE)

  24. /backflip/
    May the K9 Spy here.
    WAHOOO Miss Jill!
    That is PAWSOME.

    Special sniffs and greetings to Gabe.
    God bless our troops, 2 and 4 footed!!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Mom and I truly appreciate it.

  25. KIMBERLY - Congratulations on Pretty Dolls: Awarded Best Children's Book of the Year!!! PAWSOME!!!!