Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Zone Interview with Author Susanna Hill

        Today we have author, Susanna Hill with us.  Great to have you here, Susanna!

        Q)  When did you start writing?  What keeps you going? 

        A)  I started writing when I was 4.  I have always loved words, and language, and stories.  I write because I can’t not write.  I keep going because there is always another story to tell, a feeling to express, a moment to share.

Q)  What was your most encouraging moment as an author?

A)  Certainly one of them has to have been the first call I got with an offer from an editor to publish my book.  It was encouraging.  It was validating.  It was totally awesome J

Q)  What was your most discouraging moment as an author?

A)  Rejection letters are often discouraging, and you keep right on getting them even if you’re published.  I’ve been lucky so far with big reviewers like SLJ and Book List, but I’ve had some very unpleasant, disheartening reviews on GoodReads and LibraryThing.  Those are undeniably discouraging.

Q)  What’s your antidote to writer’s block?

A)  My antidote to writer’s block is writing.  Something.  Anything.  It doesn’t have to be the thing I’m stuck on, but I have to write something every day.  A lot of times, just writing will loosen the block.  You can also sometimes head it off at the pass by stopping the night before at a place where you know what you want to say next.  Jot a few notes so you don’t forget, and then you’re ready to go the next time you sit down to write. 

Q) Describe the typical writing day:

A) Typical!  That’s funny J  Although writing is my full-time occupation (besides being a mom) no two days ever seem much alike.  But I try to write new stuff in the morning when I’m fresh, and edit or revise, or do other writing-related tasks in the afternoon.

Q)  From where do you draw your inspiration?

A) Inspiration is all around.  But I get most of mine from things I’ve experienced, or from things my children did or said or experienced or were interested in.

 Q)  Tell us about your latest book:

A)  My most recent book is April Fool, Phyllis!  It stars Punxsutawney Phyllis of Groundhog Day fame.  It is April Fools’ Day, and everyone is ready for the big treasure hunt.  Phyllis warns that a blizzard is coming, but no one believes her.  April Fools jokes get played, there are riddles to solve on the treasure hunt, and information about April Fools Day around the world is appended at the back.  Lots of fun J

Q)  What author have you been most influenced by? 

A)  You know, I really don’t have an answer to that question.  I read widely in picture books and have for many years.  There are many authors whose work I admire.  But I’m not sure I could pick one to say I was influenced.

Thank you so much for having me, Kimberly.  It was a pleasure to visit!

Thanks for visiting.  Please enjoy and comment. 


Author Bio: Susanna Leonard Hill is the author of a number of books for children including Punxsutawney Phyllis (a Book Sense Children's Pick and an Amelia Bloomer Feminist Books for Youth pick), No Sword Fighting In The House (a Junior Library Guild Selection), and Not Yet, Rose (winner of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award.) She loves visiting schools and libraries and sharing reading and writing with kids. Although at age 3 she planned to drive a steamroller, she has since discovered that writing is what she really wants to do. She loves horses and dogs and has a weakness for oatmeal raisin cookies and good chick flicks - separately or in combination :) She is an avid reader and, in addition to books for adults, a big fan of picture books and YA.  Her most recent title is April Fool, Phyllis!, released in March 2011 from Holiday House. Please visit her website at, her blog at and "Like" Susanna Leonard Hill on Face Book!


  1. Hi Kimberly!
    Great interview. Susanna is awesome--her blog is fun and a great source of information.

  2. Thank you so much for having me Kimberly! And Coleen -thanks so much for coming over to read and saying such nice things :)

  3. Thanks for the interview, Kimberly. I am a huge fan of Susanna's blog and of her books. I relate to a lot of her answers and hope someday to relate to the "being published" part. Interview's like this are encouraging.

  4. Great interview Susanna and Kimberly. Although driving a steamroller may have been fun, I'm glad you decided to write books, Susanna!!

  5. Thank you, Susanna, for a stellar interview! Thanks, Colleen, Penny and inluvwithwords for stopping by!! Cheers....Kimberly :-)

  6. Fantastic interview, ladies. I love what you said about inspiration being all around us. It's everywhere! Love your writers block antidote. Thanks Susanna and Kimberly. *waving*

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Robyn! Cheers!!