Monday, January 23, 2012

Author Interview with Kathryn Starke

Today's author interview is with Kathryn Starke.  Great to have you here, Kathryn!

      Q)  When did you start writing?  What keeps you going? 

A)  I started writing professionally in 2005. I continue to write children's books and educational works for students and fellow educators looking for new materials. 

Q)  What was your most encouraging moment as an author? 

A)  When I first noticed that children chose "Amy's Travels" off the bookshelf to read on their own, I knew I had written a story that people will enjoy reading.

Q)  What was your most discouraging moment as an author? 

A)  It's always discouraging when you write people in the book industry who don't see the value of your work when you know it is well-received and needed. Amy's Travels is going into its second edition and can be found on six continents.

Q)  What’s your antidote to writer’s block? 

A)  I only write when an idea hits me or I have a story to share.

Q)  Describe the typical writing day: 

A)  I always put on music when I'm writing and go straight to typing my manuscript or draft. I find that when I'm working on a project, I write for at least two hours everyday. The next day, I always return to what I wrote to edit and make changes. This way, I am still excited about writing for any audience.

Q)  From where do you draw your inspiration?  

A)  My students and co-workers inspire me to write new stories and create new ideas that are both engaging and educational. 

Q)  Tell us about your latest book: 

A)  Amy's Travels will be released in its second edition this year. It is the first children's picture book to teach all seven continents and has lesson plans and activities for students, parents, and teachers to complete together. This multicultural children's book, based on the true story, of my dear friend Amy teaches the culture, geography, and diversity of our world through the eyes of a young girl. 

Q)  What author have you been most influenced by?  

A)  So many but I truly love the works of Eric Carle, Chris van Allsburg, and Laura Numeroff.

Author Bio: A native of Richmond, Virginia, Kathryn Starke is an elementary school reading specialist, literacy consultant, children's author, publisher, public speaker and freelance writer. A graduate of Longwood University, she earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education and her master's degree in literacy and culture. She currently serves as the CEO of Creative Minds Publications. Kathryn spends every day motivating children to read, think, and learn. As a former first and second grade teacher in an inner city school system, Kathryn believes that motivation and a print rich environment are the two factors needed to promote literacy. Kathryn travels to schools, libraries, museums, and bookstores to share Amy's Travels with children, parents, and teachers. She presents literacy workshops for parents and teachers and is available for public speaking engagements. Kathryn continues to write and share her passion for literacy with!  fellow educators.

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