Friday, January 13, 2012

Author Interview with Jenn Nixon

Today we have Science-Fiction and Suspense author Jenn Nixon with us.  Great to have you here, Jenn!  

Q) When did you start writing?  What keeps you going?

A)  I started writing poetry in grammar school. In the 5th grade we made books for our parents. Mine was full of poems and really crappy drawings. I didn’t actively write until receiving a diary for my 12th birthday…along with some Nancy Drew books.

The stories in my head keep me going. I think I’ve always been a story teller, writing video game concepts, plays, short stories, movie scripts…I can’t keep up with the stuff running around in my brain and it has to come out somewhere!

Q)  What was your most encouraging moment as an author?

A)  One of the best happened a few years ago when I submitted an excerpt to and online blog where they offer it up for critique. I admit, it wasn’t the best version of the excerpt at the time but it was good. As with any piece of fiction, some people liked it others didn’t. One commenter was a NY Times Best Selling Author. I don’t know her personally and was very surprised by her encouraging comments. It was proof that I was moving in the right direction.

Q)  What was your most discouraging moment as an author?

A)  Ha! This one is easy. My first “novel” sucked big time. The plot and story were interesting. People told me I was very good at dialogue. But seriously, it was horrendous. I posted information about it in an AOL group way back in the day when people still went to them. They slammed me. Big time. I almost thought about giving up on trying to get published. I’m glad I didn’t!

Q)  What’s your antidote to writer’s block?

A)  Movies or TV shows about writers or writing, like Castle. I knew about this show when it first came out but didn’t watch because something else was on, I think. It’s a great show, of course I can usually figure half of them out…but that’s the writer in me!

Q)  Describe the typical writing day:

A)  I’ve never had a typical writing day. Whenever I write I usually have some music playing and try to keep the other distractions, like the dogs, to a minimum!

Q)  From where do you draw your inspiration?

A)  Everywhere. Seriously. I once got a whole plot idea by watching 5 minutes of a TV show. Brainstorming with friends is another great way for me to get new ideas they don’t mind me bouncing ideas off of them and working out story lines.

Q)  Tell us about your latest book:

A)  Trust Me, Tell Me is my latest novella and the final of the trilogy released 1/15/12 from Tease Publishing. It’s a little different from what I usually write, it’s more spicy, but people seem to like it!

Blurb: Mason Storm is set to marry Veronica Chance in seven days. When he receives a mysterious text message he immediately packs and leaves without saying a word to anyone. After meeting with his former boss, Mason knows his past has finally caught up with him. In order to clear his name of false charges he returns home to Boston ready to put the issues to bed. Veronica, however, isn’t making it easy. She’s determined to help despite his claims of being the only one to make things right. As the investigation intensifies, Mason is captured and Veronica holds the key to his release. Will she make it there in time to save him and their wedding or will everything fall apart?

Q)  What author have you been most influenced by? 

A)  Many, many authors have influenced me. I belong to the Liberty States Fiction Writers group which is a huge group of wonderful people who have helped and guided me on this long journey to publication. They are my main inspiration and I can never thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me over the years.

Author Bio:
Jenn Nixon resides in New Jersey. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Liberty State Fiction Writers. Her love for thrillers and suspense often finds its way into her novels whether they are Science Fiction or Romance. When not writing, Jenn spends her free time reading, absorbing pop culture and current events, and social networking online.

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  1. Superb interview, Jenn! Trust Me, Tell Me sounds compelling! Can't wait to read it. Kimberly :-)

  2. Thank you SO much for having me. Great questions, had to think about a few of them! ~Jenn

  3. Wonderful interview! I'm looking forward to Trust Me, Tell Me. :)

  4. Thanks Cherie!!! I hope you enjoy it!! ~Jenn